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Why is Outcome-Based Education the Need of the Hour?

Outcome-based education is a way of learning that looks at outcomes or goals instead of marks and results. It is the skills and knowledge to be gained by the learners that are defined as outcomes. These outcomes are measured by exams, projects, and assignments tailor-made to harness their competencies. Such exams, projects, and tasks are not necessarily time-bound and grade-oriented. Results highlight whether the learner has been able to match the outcome criteria set by the educators. If the students fail to acquire the desired skills and knowledge, there is an assessment to analyze the gap in the understanding, and teachers then need to help find ways and assist learners in achieving their outcomes. 

Moreover, outcome-based education software is highly user-friendly and easy to integrate within one’s system, simplifying the role of the teachers, facilitators, and mentors, who can base their approach on the insights from their learners. 

Here’s highlighting the importance of outcome-based education by stating its benefits:

1)   Learner Focused

Outcome Based Education is learner-centric and treats every learner uniquely. It clearly understands that every learner does not have the same pace and way of learning, and thus, it does not look at applying a standardized model. It appreciates the diversity in the classroom and strives to make sure that every student achieves the desired outcome.

2)  Outcome Focused 

As learning in the Outcome-based Education model is based on predefined outcomes, the teachers strategize to come up with ways to achieve goals and results. Demonstrating skills or knowledge is now critically important, not merely getting enough marks to pass.

3)  Tremendous Opportunities

Students are taken through various assessments to demonstrate their abilities. Marks are purely indicative, and learners adapt and learn at their own pace, thereby removing their element of stress.

The following points are essential to be considered for a successful implementation of OBE (outcome-based education) framework to make the most relevant structure of the education system.

4) Curriculum Assessment: 

The collection of data for the curriculum is of prime importance; it should be according to the current standards of various institutions. The feedback from stakeholders adds tremendous value and helps evaluate the requirement for Outcome-based learning model implementation.

 5) Defining the Outcomes

It is essential to define the short and long-term outcomes. While long-term outcomes are significant to be analyzed over an extended period, the progress-based outcomes would be determined in the short term.  These outcomes help understand the learner’s progress and mission and help take feedback and tweak the teaching-learning technique to achieve the desired long-term outcome.

6) Feedback and Collaboration of Efforts

For Outcome-based learning to be successful, feedback is integral. Excellent and robust communication at regular intervals between the teachers, parents, learners, and critical decision-makers is vital; it brings clarity to the process and assists in achieving the desired result. 

7)  Defining Assessments To Highlight Progress

As outcomes are defined, it is essential to come up with ways to measure the progress. The assignments, projects, and exams need to be well designed to articulate the learner’s progress at all times. 

8) Continuous Evaluation

Evaluation is an ongoing process and essential for the successful implementation of the Outcome-based learning process. Constant feedbacks need to be collected to check the progress and difficulties faced by the learners in achieving their outcome. Accordingly, the educator/mentor must tweak and make necessary alterations to ensure that learners achieve shorter and longer results.

EduplusCampus offers one of the best outcome-based software – EasyAccredite. The EasyAccredite software analyses and assess the progress of the students on various parameters. It also enables higher education institutions to meet the guidelines set by various accreditation bodies like NAAC, NBA, etc., and maintain the quality of education.

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