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What is MIS and Why You Need it in Today’s Education Management

The Concept of MIS is not new. Before computerization, the data would exist with education management, who manually processed this data to control administrative operations. However, with the revolution in the ed-tech space, MIS is now a computer-based system comprising of various elements that work in tandem towards providing relevant information involving hardware to store data, software to process the data, and hardware system and database to store the locations of all the data collected. Institutes can now process increased volumes of data with speed and accuracy, allowing for better insights in making smart decisions to boost the growth of their educational institutes in the long run.

 Importance of Management Information System

MIS serves as the backbone of the educational institute; whether it is students’ assessment reports, admission reports, fees management, attendance, or exam-related reports, the information system provides you with whatever data you may need. Therefore, it is an excellent investment for educational institutes to consider that will enable them to maintain error-free data and records and achieve their academic goals. 

 Why You Need an MIS – The Benefits

  1. Record Management– Pre-computerization of data, institutes would store chunks of documents within office premises. Such data would commonly only accumulate and never reduce. However, with the advent of computerization of data, an effective MIS sets controls on the creation and retention of data to ensure that only valid and relevant data is maintained within the systems, thereby eliminating the use of space within premises for physical storage of data.
  2. Control in Operating Costs– As data management is online, it reduces the space for storing physical documents; this reduces the institutes’ expenses for managing documents by up to 30% – 50%. It helps them save its cost towards staffing employees to store, track and maintain such increasing records.
  3. Better Storage and Retrieval of Information– A good MIS system allows for accurate and organized data storage that eases the retrieval process. Many provide an index to quickly guide the content list and jump to the relevant information needed for decision making.
  4. Long-term Planning– MIS has transformed education management in the areas of leadership and decision-making. It also helps in the overall human resource management, which is of great help to administrators to formulate strategic plans for institutes, allocate resources, and appraise staff performance.
  5. Understand Gaps and Shortfalls– While Educators can constantly review the growth/achievements of the institute as well as students and staff, they can also study the shortfalls and take corrective measures that help in achieving the overall goal of the institute. EduplusCampus has been redefining education with cloud-based online learning solutions and empowering educational institutes with intelligent digital solutions tailored for different educational needs, including Management Information System

Some of the best features offered by EduplusCampus are listed below.

  • Support and Training
  • Mobile Applications
  • Library
  • Biometric
  • Notification
  • QR Code
  • Barcode
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • EduplusCampus Integration
  • Easy integration with third-party API
  • Data Security and Central Data Repository

If you are looking to automate your campus with smart solutions and want to know more about EduplusCampus, log on to www.edupluscampus.com


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