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Top Benefits of Accreditation Management System in Educational institutes

Accreditation agencies can accredit schools and colleges at the national, international as well as regional level. Many Institutions work towards improving their accreditation and recognitions through strategic planning in form of an Accreditation Management System that helps. Accreditation Management System is a great tool that helps measure, evaluate, and manage data across academic, administrative, infrastructure, governance, OBE, etc in turn helping the overall standards and quality of education. 

 Some of the great benefits of such an accreditation management system are stated below

Customisation of design and format of assessment:

There can be engaging developmental assessments with access to adaptive feedback. It can help in tracking the academic and non-academic progress of the institute through, e-portfolios. An accreditation management system helps generate accurate & instant reports in the desired format as per respective accreditation body requirements along with necessary supporting documents.

Privacy of all Institutional data: 

There is no direct access to the institutional data to the stakeholders, this helps in safeguarding crucial legal data and securely handle financial information and high sensitivity data of the institutions.

Storage of Data and Documents: 

Accreditation process involves a lot of paperwork. Often, organizations need to bring on additional staff or have staff work overtime just to help put everything together. Moreover, additional labour to help put everything together. By using accreditation management software, all the institutional data and documents can be stored on highly secured cloud servers with the provision of multiple data backups.

Instant Access to policies: 

 There are constant changes in the policy and procedures of accreditation. To meet the standard towards accreditation one needs updated and timely access to all documents such as the institute policies, official records, handbook. The Employees may not have access to the updated policy. Accreditation management helps provide a centralized online location for all documents with a click of a button. 

Updated Reports & Information: 

The system intimates the coordinators on the assessment cycle period, timelines for data entries, and audit logs of the last reviewed and current document in review through the dashboards one can even set reminders and alerts for an important deadline. Accreditation Management System helps to meet the biggest challenge of policy management that of up-to-date information. One can easily track policies to keep up with changes in accreditation standards.

Easy Review Process for the Evaluator: 

The accreditation process is often time-consuming and monotonous for the evaluators. The Accreditation Management system is a great way to show them a great picture of how the institutes operate. The evaluators can be given rights to access documents beforehand for a pre-inspection for quick feedback and concerning questions making the overall review process faster and easy for the evaluator.

 To sum it up any Accreditation management tool can save your institute a lot of time, money, physical storage space and keep you on track and simplify the process of accreditation in leaps and bound. 

Eduplus Campus offers one such product called ‘Easy Accredite’. It helps provides a seamless user experience, gives monitoring tools for tracking academic and non-academic progress, and cultivates better teaching and learning methods 

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