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Top 5 Benefits of the School Attendance Management System

While attendance management is essential in every school to keep track of students, the traditional way of taking attendance and then charting separately on the computer for safekeeping and logging makes for a very hectic and redundant process for the school administration team. Moreover, the pandemic and social distancing have forced schools to shift a large part of their operations to the cloud server, making work administration more effective. Many technological innovations like bio fingerprints and face IDs provide accurate graphical/statistical representations of trends to analyze student attendance patterns and get to the root cause.

 Some of the most visible benefits of using the attendance management system are as follows:

 Accurate Data Collection

Manual checking increases the likelihood of errors, the collection of data through an automated system is the only way to get accurate data. Such systems will allow the faculty to check the days of attendance and the time of entry and exit from school with an option to revisit any such data at any given point in time.

Generation of multiple tailor-made reports.

Attendance systems are robust and come with various reports, including options to allow the faculty to check details to analyze multiple trends amongst students. Such trends can then be used to make appropriate decisions and assist in reaching the root cause of any issues that come to light. 

No storage of offline data and records.

All such data being logged into systems and saved for future reference eliminates the need to maintain registers to check student data like logs and records. This helps in the better the utilization of space. Also, with data being mirrored on the cloud server, losing any data online is extremely rare and less likely than misplacing physically warehoused data.

Real-time analysis of data

With data captured and interpreted in real-time, it reduces the lead time to almost nil. Moreover, faculty and parents can now have closer visibility into the child’s daily attendance record on a real-time basis. 

 Access to innovative technologies

To mitigate the time taken during class for attendance, a few of the leading technologies integrated with the attendance software for fetching data are:

1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

With RFID, students can use their cards to log in to sessions and mark their attendance. The readers can read multiple cards and manage volumes coming in. 

2. Biometric

Biometric technology is used to match the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint and accurately validate the data with the records in its database and record attendance based on the uniqueness of that fingerprint associated with that person.

3. Face ID

Face IDs are used to capture multiple images of a single person and then accurately process those images through its database to identify and mark a particular student’s attendance.

These innovative technologies can also solve various data manipulation issues, and the school administrators are better answerable to the parents due to access to the recorded data.

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