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Top 5 Benefits of the Outcome-Based Education System

The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has started accrediting only the programs running with OBE and promotes creating a system of outcome-based education with the objective of quality assurance and relevance of the programs in professional and technical disciplines such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, etc.

OBE has gained much impetus in the education system. With no specific methods of teaching or performance assessment, the outcomes are built on scalability, accuracy, and real-time data. It offers a framework to learn and deliver the acquired skills. Studies say that OBE results in increased student and teacher self-esteem, higher academic success for more students, decreased dropouts, and several other benefits. 

Listing below the reasons why implementing OBE is a great option!


It creates transparency for both sides; the students know what to expect from a course, and the teachers know what to deliver or demonstrate through the course structure.


The clear expectations between the two parties help create a precise outcome, allowing students to progress in the chosen field of interest. 


OBE does not specify a definite method of teaching; the teacher structures the curriculum around students’ needs and can alter it based on the assessment. This helps students to accomplish the set goals. 


OBE helps assess and compare every student’s achievement records to decide their course of action in a new environment. Additionally, institutions can compare themselves, by checking to see what outcomes they have in common and work the areas to improve. 

Self-Development and Career Progression

A potential employer can look at student records to determine what outcomes they have achieved to determine if the potential employee has the necessary skills for the job. The students can also analyze themselves against the job requirement and work on enhancing their skills.


Student participation is an essential part of OBE. The students can do their learning and analyze their skills and development. Additionally, parents and educational communities can get involved either by way of developing a curriculum or making changes to it; This upholds the standard of education and ensures a student’s thorough preparedness for life after.

EduplusCampus offers an outcome-based education model called ‘EasyAccredite’, a student-centric instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance via course outcomes.

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