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The Role of ERP System in The New-Age School Management.

The education sector in India has undergone numerous changes and has advanced over the years from the traditional classroom to the cybernetic classroom, resulting in the need for adopting tools and structures that help in operational functions and administration tasks proficiently. ERP system plays a significant role in consolidating and integrating the various cross-departmental functions such as attendance, enrolment, registration, online learning, online fees payment, digital assignments, staff recruitment, appraisals, etc.

The School management-based ERP’s have many-fold advantages that help teachers, students, parents, and management. Some of the numerous advantages of implementing the ERP System in the overall school management are listed below.

Storage of Data and Records 

Cloud-based servers are the best when it comes to security and data protection. The ERP software’s cloud-based servers assimilate students’ data on a day-to-day basis right from their assignment, projects, and tests, attendance records, class activity all under one system overall reducing the chances of human error. The robust infrastructure and accuracy in recording encrypted data makes it a highly lucrative choice in the overall school management system.


E-Learning has made education more accessible; it has transformed a regular classroom into a full-fledged electronic classroom that students can attend, and teachers can conduct remotely. E-learning facilitates a highly interactive system as the teacher and students communicate in real-time; right from asking questions to collaborating on the class assignments, from tracking every student’s progress to their attendance records; the system can help access learning outcomes as well as the overall experience.

Faculty and Employee Management 

ERP benefits the school’s employee management system immeasurably, be it with employee registrations, general records, employment certificates through service books, staff hiring, recruitment, payroll, salary operations, attendance as well as appraisals. The system can also facilitate a communication channel that makes it easy to complete tasks without miscommunication.

Parents Information Management 

The security of their children at school is one of the key concerns of parents these days. The school management-based ERP gives parents timely updates on each student’s activity at school along with their progress, their attendance records, the school timetable, the exam timetable as well access to online fee payment. Through the system, they are also able to update themselves on the school’s circulars, there which making the communication between teachers and parents very transparent.

Front Desk Administration 

These ERP-based functions are very precise and user-friendly that which reduces the chances of human error. The objective is to reduce work and automate the process. The system helps schools to administer daily visitors in school, generate visitor’s gate pass, Record the in-time and out time, recordkeeping of the lost and found items as well as the overall correspondence management.

To sum it up ERP system in educational institutions is extremely relevant in today’s world because of the ever-increasing necessity for centralized access to data and EduPlus Campus being one-stop solution for all your educational technology needs, provides an end-to-end cloud-based solution to help you operate your school or college most efficiently.

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