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The Role of EdTech in the Post-Pandemic Education System

With the pandemic forcing the education system to shift from the physical four walls of the classrooms to now laptops, it has made technology the central lifeline for the academic world in recent times. While in the early and mid-2020, educators and institutes looked at the use of technology in education as a stopgap measure for a temporary period; however, the constant fall and rise in Covid-19 cases made the online classes the new normal.

Online and Offline Education Can Co-Exist as the New Normal

With many strongly supporting conventional classroom learning and human contact, there is also an inherent understanding that there is no going back to the Pre 2020 style for education for a while now. 

 However, all is not lost. The outburst of technology and LMS use in the academic scenario gave rise to innovative and intuitive methods of teaching and educating children making education more mouldable, more thoughtful, and far-reaching. With concepts such as blended learning and flipped classroom gaining momentum, all focus has been placed to create a productive and specially designed curriculum; this allows the educator to harness the benefits of those strategies that are implemented in a physical classroom along with online content created offering personalization and convenience in the learning environment and addressing the changing needs of students in the present times.

 Immersive Learning Experience 

With an era of super specialization, retention and deciphering minute details will be essential. Ed-tech systems will adapt to students’ learning styles and their pace of learning to ensure more immersive learning, increased attendance, and participation, thereby creating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

 The Future is EdTech.

Educational institutes will harness the power and benefit of comprehensive student evaluations, peer benchmarking facilities, and granular reporting to gain better insights/perspectives of their students and take necessary corrective actions where required. Apps such as Quizzizz allow teachers to create gamified formative assessment activities for their students, helping them review and reflect on the content and collaborate with their peers. Teachers can provide a more individualized, personalized, immersive learning experience to all their students. With the help of Flipped lessons, the teacher can share lectures through interactive content such as videos, PowerPoints and further its application to in-class learning through case studies, assignments, and activities.

 How EduplusCampus is Playing a Significant Role in This Transformation

EduplusCampus has been redefining such educational methods with its cloud-based online learning solutions by providing a great platform that can be customized to fit the needs of all types of educational institutes. It uses AI-driven features that create engaging learning programs and self-paced courses. Eduplus-LMS has an intuitive cloud-based solution with a user interface that is easy to use and fosters a truly collaborative learning experience. Its intuitive Mobile app also allows users to have on-the-go access to learning, independent of time and location. All of this is backed up with its robust analytics and reporting that helps its users, through reports, get actionable insights and a comprehensive dashboard to track performance and engagement.

 To know more about EduplusCampus and its products, visit Education Management System, Education Management Software | Solutions (edupluscampus.com)

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