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The 6 Steps to Successfully Implementing an ERP System

ERP implementation methodology 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are used by organisations and educational institutions to manage business and activities from accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, to supply chain operations cloud ERP covers everything. With the help of ERP implementation methodologies one is able to structure, plan and control various processes within companies and institutes. Implementing ERP systems is one of the best ways to increase your productivity and efficiency across business functions such as finance, human resources, sales and manufacturing.bolsa de pierna decathlon
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Successful ERP implementation involves defining the requirements of the organisation with clear steps to redesign the process, which helps take advantage of the system, configuring the ERP system to support those processes and testing it multiple times before deployment. 

ERP process – what role does Eduplus Campus play? 

IT Project Implementation phases


Growing digitalization and the rising technological advancements in the education industry has given rise to e-learning and distance education, which have the potential to hold the future of education. This is where ERP solutions have helped in a big way towards integrating an institution’s business process and activities with the rising technological advancements. 

EduplusCampus offers various products such as EduplusCollege, EduplusSchool which help to optimise day-to-day operations and improve educational processes and efficiencies. It redefines education with cloud-based online learning solutions in turn empowering schools, colleges and universities with smart digital solutions by helping them manage their entire campus academic & administrative operations, innovate teaching and promote better learning outcomes for enhancing institutional effectiveness.

Here are six ways in which you can implement your ERP process

  • Discovery and planning

The number one step is to research the available systems and select the one that suits your requirement, facilitated by setting up a project team. The ERP project team usually consists of an executive sponsor, a project manager, and representatives from the department that will use the system. It involves the senior management to ensure the critical resources needed for the projects are met and implemented across the organisation. 

  • Design 

A new ERP system can be designed, keeping in mind a thorough understanding of the organisation’s current workflow and the immediate/future requirement of its ERP system. This will help the organisation to maximise the benefit of its new ERP system. Gap analysis is used to identify process intricacies and unique quirks that may require customisation of the ERP software or changes to workflow or processes to align more closely with the ERP system. The team can take the help of their partners and suppliers to identify potential solutions.

  • Development 

This involves configuring and customising the software to support redesigning processes. It may also involve integrating the ERP system with any existing business application.

  • Testing 

At times, testing and development occur concurrently. The project team works on fixing the gaps while the development team finds loopholes. After initial testing of the software’s essential functions, all the modules must be rigorously tested. 

  • Deployment 

Most data is migrated during the testing phase, but data used daily can be migrated just before going live. Several organisations aim to deploy all the modules of the ERP system together, while others focus first on specific high-priority processes. 

  • Software and Updates 

The only way to ensure the business achieves the desired benefit is by supporting and taking care of the ERP implementation after its deployment. New features added require constant testing and development phases. 

The future of ERP Software implementation

Most companies have a department that performs the development, support, and maintenance of their software applications. The governance process is set up to see how these software applications are developed, maintained, and deployed. The methodology is based on objectives set by the company. With the help of all these methods an ERP implementation can be governed rightly and perhaps, companies can invest towards relying on it. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind to upgrade from the implemented process when needed.

What Are ERP Implementation Challenges?

Data conversion 

Cost of implementation

Resistance to change 

  • What are the best practices for a successful ERP implementation?

A great implementation methodology 

Planning the implementation methodology 

Monitoring the process 

Training & communication

  • What is the ERP Implementation cost?

It depends on many variables, including the cost of the software licence, size of the company,  and the set budget

  • Different types of ERP?

There are different types of ERP systems, mainly Cloud ERP, on-premise ERP, and hybrid ERP.

ERP solutions – what solutions does Eduplus offer

(Website- offer.png)

Eduplus Campus is focused on providing ERP-based solutions to schools, colleges and universities with a wide range of products and services such as EduplusCollege, EduplusSchool, Eduplus LMS, Eduplus Accredite to name a few. These products cater to ERP and provide easy access to teachers and administrators to smoothen their day-to-day operations 

To know how to get your company the right ERP solutions check out the multiple products and features of EduplusCampus by clicking on the link, https://edupluscampus.com/. You can request a demo by calling on 7709601881 OR send us an email with your requirements at info@edupluscampus.com.


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