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Online Examination System: Top 5 Benefits of Online Exams

People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that! –Cammy Bean

This quote stands true in today’s digital age. The ever-so-constant evolution in technology is creating an impact on the overall education system and examination management is not so far behind.

Certain platforms help in conducting courses, classes, and assessments related to them. These platforms which are developed using the most innovative technology offer loads of benefits. The Institutes and colleges are rapidly adopting platforms that suit the current environmental need in the field of digitization.

The traditional old-fashioned exam process is being increasingly replaced by an online, hassle-free, and very secure method with the help of various technology tools that offer various features and techniques required in conducting online assessments securely.

All types of exams are easily convertible and are easily digitized for both subjective and objective questions. Right from registration, Exam Ids, Mock Exams, personalized performance analysis, the final exam, and the result thereafter everything can be accessed with just a click. It helps save time and cost of administration for students as well the exam authorities and streamlines all process. It is also easier for the examiners to evaluate declare results and can be applied across academic level exams.

Some of the advantages of online assessment have been stated below.

1. No Storage and Physical Handling 

Not only do we have to securely store the question papers to prevent any leakage but the questions and answer sheets need to be stored in a central location in a secure environment. With digital question papers and their assessment, everything is stored digitally on a cloud management system and the constraint of physical location is struck out.

2. Secure and Private

The online examination system guarantees process security applied to all stakeholders involved. There must be no leakage as it adulterates the significance of the exams. The added features of the system open the possibility of locking data by authorized personnel. Additionally, the students can check results confidentially and as pleased maintain and promoting positive growth and extremely little exposure to an unfriendly competitive environment.

3. Accurate Results 

Previously, the exam paper checker needs to visit this centralized location to evaluate the answer sheets of the individual students. However, the online assessment portals are automated and are developed using algorithms that enable the instant and precise generation of results, eliminating the manual data entry of marks.

4.  No Exam centers.

Students can take tests from any location; the supervisor can monitor the test from any remote location as well as evaluate the test papers from anywhere. The remote proctoring feature in many examination tools helps prevent the student from cheating keeping the system uncompromised. All this helps ultimately solve the need for physical centers for exams. 

5. Ease to evaluate/Analyse the candidates

The usage of technology reduces the time taken to evaluate candidate’s work by enabling examiners to easily extract the answer and add feedbacks. Additionally, it reduces the percentage for making an error while evaluating.

 We have to believe that the impact of online assessments stands valuable and convenient as well as profitable.

 EduPlus Campus offers one such product, Easy Pariksha that has changed the outlook towards conducting various online exams. It provides an end-to-end cloud-based solution to help you operate your school or college most efficiently. 

Source: E-pravesh, Splashgain


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