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How Online Examination System Works? | EDUPlus Campus

How Online Examination System Works?

There is a popular Chinese proverb that says, “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”

Today, we live in a world undergoing rapid modernisation and digitisation. Technology has touched and influenced every sector of our lives. Education is one such sector, where technology is becoming a game changer. We can now bring learning to people rather than bringing people to learning; thanks to technology.

Examinations are an integral part of a student’s academic journey. With the teaching-learning process going digital, the same method is being introduced to the assessment process. Hence, there is a rising shift towards online examination. The advantages and disadvantages of online examinations need to be understood well before we dive deeper into the online examination system.

What is an Online Examination?

What is an Online Examination

As the name suggests, online examinations are examinations that are conducted virtually, using the Internet. Traditional paper-based examinations are gradually being replaced by technology-based online examinations. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of online examinations.

Advantages of Online Examination

There are many advantages of online examinations. A few of them are listed below.

  • No Paper-Work Required

Online examination eliminates the need to print numerous question papers and answer sheets to conduct an exam. It is environmentally friendly and also reduces the wastage of paper accompanied by printing errors.

  • Easy To Conduct

Convenience is another big advantage of online examinations. It is convenient for both the examiners as well as the students. The questions can be easily uploaded rather than typing and getting them printed. Students can attend the exam from anywhere with an internet connection which makes the whole process easy and comfortable.

  • Time-Efficiency

Online examinations work faster while using fewer resources. With the automated online assessment portals, results are generated instantly and accurately which is a boon for both the students and the staff.

  • Safe and Secure

As there are no printed question papers, there is zero possibility of question papers being leaked before exams. Online exams reduce the possibility of cheating and other malpractices making it a more safe and secure mode of examination.

Disadvantages of Online Examination

There are no two opinions on the fact that the advantages of online examination outweigh the disadvantages. However, it is important to understand the disadvantages of online examinations before implementing an online examination system for improved efficiency.

  • Internet Access

It is impossible to conduct an online examination without internet access. A good internet connection plays a vital role in the conduction of online exams. Poor network connection can cause problems in the smooth conduction of the exam.

  • Technical Issues

No matter how much our lives revolve around technology, we cannot deny the fact that there’s no such thing as perfect technology. Technical glitches may occur while conducting an online exam. Problems might occur while navigating the examination portal or there are even chances for the system to crash. Technical issues are hence a disadvantage of online examination.

  • Lack of Proper Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is yet another important factor in deciding the successful conduction of online exams. Teachers or students lacking technical knowledge may find it difficult to conduct or attend an online exam.

  • Proctoring Challenges

Unlike traditional examinations, there are no in-person invigilators for online examinations. In this case, if the online examinations are not properly proctored, there are high chances of students indulging in cheating or other malpractices.

A proper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of online examinations helps in making the right decision when choosing an online examination system for your educational institution.

What is an Online Examination System?

An online examination system is software used to facilitate virtual examinations. For example, EasyPariksha simplifies the online examination process and ensures easy and smooth conduction of exams. The following factors need to be considered before choosing an online examination system.

Top Factors To Consider Before Selecting An Online Examination System

  • Easy to Use

The online examination system should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The teachers and students should easily understand the features so that they can use them effectively.

  • Flexibility

The online examination system that you choose should be flexible with the size of the students appearing for the examination. Before choosing the online examination system, one should have a clear idea regarding the number of students taking the test. Online examination systems with better scalability should be used to conduct large examinations.

  • Compatibility

Choosing an online examination system also depends on the type of exam that one plans to conduct. The exam can be subjective, objective, mock tests, semester exams, open-book tests, closed-book tests, etc. The compatibility of the online examination system with respect to the type of exam is hence an important factor to be considered before choosing the online examination system.

  • Safety and Security

The online examination system should ensure safe and secure conduction and assessment of exams. An online evaluation system like EasyCheck ensures the assessment process is devoid of any discrepancies.

How Online Examination Systems Work?

The online examination systems work by leveraging technology to conduct exams by using fewer resources and reducing manual work. It simplifies the examination activities like preparing question papers, surveillance, assessment, and result declaration.

Online Examination FAQs

  • Why use an online examination system?

An online examination system is used to simplify the examination process by reducing the manual work. It reduces the risk of human errors by completely digitising the examination process. It is also a cost-effective and time-saving method of conducting examinations.

  • Is Online Exam Easy?

The online mode of examination is convenient for both teachers and students. It is easier for teachers to prepare questions, assess, and declare results. Students can attend online examinations from anywhere and in most cases, the results can be viewed almost instantly. This makes the entire online exam process easy.

  • What is the purpose of an online examination?

The purpose of an online examination is to fully automate the manual process associated with traditional examinations. Online examination systems are cost-effective, scalable, and time-saving.

The online examination system works for all levels of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities. The education sector is gradually moving to the online learning sphere. Hence, implementing an online examination system can boost the efficiency of your institute keeping it abreast of the latest technical developments in the field of education. For further information on the online examination system and its implementation, visit http://www.edupluscampus.com/.

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