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8 Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based LMS

With COVID-19 lockdown forcing the closure schools and colleges across the country, the need for an effective Learning Management System (LMS) has escalated in recent months. The expansion of the global e-learning market and the LMS market has led to educational institutes lining up for a cost-effective and viable solution that meets their training and development needs. If you have been looking for LMS Solutions and comparing them you will be faced with a choice: opt for a Cloud-based LMS or an installed solution?

In this article, we evaluate what Cloud-Based LMS is and how it can be used to save your institute both time and money – and much more.

What is Cloud-Based LMS


Unlike LMS solutions that require you to install specific hardware and software on your own servers in order to access it, cloud-based learning management systems are hosted on the internet. This gives users and course creators the flexibility to access course material anytime, anywhere. All the system and content changes are automatically saved to the servers of the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS


Instead of a self-hosted product, cloud-based LMS solutions offer users the flexibility of choosing and paying for the services that they actually use. The setup costs are also very low. Moreover, in the longer run, with a cloud-based LMS system, you do not have to worry about expensive maintenance of the system and upgrade costs. This is a boon for medium to small educational institutes such as coaching classes.

Easy to Install and Use

Cloud-based learning management systems are easier to install and use. You can set up and start using the system within hours of purchase. Along with fast deployment, you can address issues and raise queries with online customer care executives. The dedicated team works round the clock to release updates and new features and identify bugs and fix them.


You can customize your LMS based on your needs to make it look and feel the way that is in sync with your brand. You can use different colour schemes, layouts and change the features based on what you need.

Mobile Readiness

You can not only access cloud-based LMS on desktops and laptops but also on mobile devices. The responsive design of the LMS ensures that users are able to navigate, access training material and complete their course on all devices, wherever they may be.

Better Security

The Cloud LMS solution offers a secure platform and built-in security features. Since the data including course material, curriculum, tests and reports are hosted on secure and reliable clouds such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon, users are able to share information and ideas without having to worry about data being lost or stolen. 

Improved Access

A learning management system allows you to automate your entire training program, including registration, course delivery, assignments, course completions, certificates, and more. Cloud-based solutions ease the learning process by ensuring users have easy access to course materials from anywhere, anytime.

Easy to Maintain

Who wants to spend hours maintaining and fixing the system when there are organizational issues to address? Most cloud-based solutions are maintenance-free and therefore, you do not have to worry about IT and tech issues. 

The LMS provider updates the solution regularly to ensure schools and colleges do not have to deal with downtime and technical difficulties. 


With a myriad of integrations, cloud LMS solutions provide a seamless and complete solution for your training needs. Along with course creation and student management tools, integrations for email marketing and eCommerce management are available.

edupluscampus provides an end-to-end cloud-based solution to help you operate your school or college most efficiently. You can automate everything, generate insights and make quick decisions with the click of a button.

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